Teaching Artist

I have a long history in the Arts ... Starting from the age of 12

I lived many young girls' dreams and went to a Ballet boarding school for 6 years Here I did not just learn how to dance but also how to produce and create and some of the things I learnt were innate ... but its also where I started to learn... how to teach



Due to a serious car accident ... I went on to retrain in community drama, this is where I built on my skills working  in a variety of  community settings and resource centres, on projects and productions with like of Theatre Workshop (Edinburgh) and directing with Birds of Paradise theatre company meeting the everyday challenges of working in community setting while exploring my teaching philosophy and practice

In pursuit of my teaching philosophy and practice. I started working on my honor degree with Open University where I rediscovered my love of poetry. Trained with the Goat Island Theatre Company of Chicago, where I learned the importance of establishing practices that enable and sustain creativity and .flew to Canada to attend Keith Johnstone Loose Moose Theatre Company International improvisation school for storytellers, focusing on “unfreezing the petrified imagination”.

I have been using poetry ever since as a creative tool and practice working in education, local government, including Aberdeen Edinburgh, Renfrewshire, Stirling, Glasgow & East Lothian Councils. I founded and delivered the first Scottish Youth Poetry Slam 2016 and 2018 working with organisations such as Scottish Natural Heritage, Princes Trust, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the Scottish National Library,  Luminate Scotland, RSNO, Amnesty UK  and Words that Burn, and the  Wellcome Trust to name but a few.

“There is always one moment... when the door opens and lets the future in.” — Graham Greene.