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Performance poetry's, Jannis Joplin

"Passionate performance delivered straight from the heart" 

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She has performed alongside greats such as Ron Whitehead (beat poet), Michel Brown (Seattle), Bob Holman (Grand Slam Master) Shane Koyczan (1st World Slam Champion) Tony Welsh ( Longfellow), and a young Ed Sheerer. Once the Fugees got in contact to say hello via Facebook, after they heard her poem, Three Monkeys and Me. 

"Bright glittering vocabulary  " the Guardian

Appointed StirlinMakar 2012-2015 Been invited to perform at Newyorican (New York) Bowery (New York) Glastonbury Festival, Words & Poetry Tent, Edinburgh International Book Festival and received 5star reviews in the Edinburgh Fringe.

"beautiful words and evocative imagery," the Scotsman
"A musicality that rolls out in rhythmical rhythms", - Down Home

She has performed and appeared on BBC Radio and STV & Grampian television, creating poetry films & videos and a CD Bare to the Bone. She has also  been published in newspapers, anthologies, pamphlets and her and her book JANE was published with Luath Press 

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