Production History

"History doesn't repeat it self it rhymes" - Mark Twain

I have produced and co-founded many productions, events & organizations. From grassroots to community events to theatre, poetry, and multimedia showcases. Funded and unfunded (via my pocket) Spawning and supporting many artist & artistic movements in Edinburgh & Beyond. My philosophy has always been "Put your money where your conviction is" and  "Stop talking and just do" Below is just a few of the things I have created, produced and run.

Artistic Upstarts


Artistic Upstarts was a multimedia showcase for Scottish artists born or based in Scotland. Running a program of more than 22 acts in one night, from diverse disciplines such as Vishal arts, Club art, Music, Theatre and Dance. With notable acts such as Shooglenifty and Martyn Bennet performing. Anita co-created, ran and funded this with Kresanna Aigner. It received great press attention and attendance, later receiving Scottish Art Council funding. Many of the artists involved went on to form or be involved in the Bongo club in New Street. Where Anita went on to help set up the Cutting-room studio

BigWord & Slams 


"Kickstarting an interest in poetry not seen since Hugh McDiarmid and Dylan Thomas", Scotsman on Sunday

BigWord in Scotland was produced and run by Anita and Jem Rolls. Brought together via the late Gavin Wallace at Scottish Arts Council. It was the first poetry club dedicated to performance poetry in Scotland. It produced regular biweekly (Edinburgh) and monthly (Glasgow) shows events, and dedicated workshops, including Scotlands First Poetry Slam events. It was credited with Kickstarting an interest in poetry not seen since Hugh McDiarmid and Dylan Thomas". Anita left to pursue other producing and artistic interests including the first BBC Slams and the Scottish Youth Poetry Slam.

Scottish Youth Poetry Slams



Anita's original concept and idea, She took the idea to Rachel Jury (Confab) in 2004. Together they producing and developed the project formally as the Intercity Schools Slam project with different local councils and funding pots with Anita as the primary Teaching Artist and poet. Aimed at Young people between S1-S3 struggling with school. There long term goal of running it as a National Slam Project for Schools across Scotland was realised in 2016 & 2018 with funding from Creative Scotland and other funding organisations with Confab leading the project. 

WordLab arts


Anita cofounded WordLab arts in 2018 with John Stoddart. It provides tailored service to business and third sector organisations It is dedicated to delivering a variety of projects and services, based on scientific research and the literary arts.  Including workshop motivational speaking, performance, poets-in-residences.& digital video sessions (health and well-being), It's has a growing list of highly experienced writers working with us.

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