Long before stories were written down, they were told in verse. Poetry is synonymous with human communication and has been used  to preserve knowledge and wisdom for thousands of years.


Poetry is the training technique of the future.

Learning through poetry encourages the growth of new neural interconnections, and the unique interaction between language, sense and experience combined with rhythm, lyricism and rhyme, means that neurons become stronger, more permanent and more interconnected.

This increase in interconnection creates more frames of reference, which are then processed automatically when considering an issue, a problem or decision. This enables your people to understand more,  identify problems and opportunities more quickly, and with more clarity.

The Return of Poetry

Guardian, 2018

Book one of Anita’s workshops to  transform your working practices. Improve critical thinking, counter cognitive bias, build resilience, confidence and bravery.

Anita's creative workshops in poetry transform the mind in a fundamental and long-standing way.

For executives, business owners, performers and managers.

To perform tasks better - you must first build the neural structure which is the foundation of enhanced capability.

Major UK brands are using poets, and poetry to advertise their services. Poetry has returned in a big way, and most of that is down to the interest created by Poetry Slams. Chances are good that some of your staff have attended a Slam. Chances are even better than some of them have wanted to be on stage themselves.


Anita is one of the pioneers of the reborn poetry scene in Scotland. She’s been a Teaching Artist for 18 years and is now studying at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire. Anita’s advanced training prepares your staff to perform in a poetry slam, providing an environment in which their capabilities will be refined and extended, their frames of reference increased, empathy and connection to their colleagues and customers extended, their confidence blossom with a growing awareness.


More resistant to bias; improved critical thinking capabilities; expanded frames of references; more resilient, more reliable and more self-reliant. With improved presentation skills and decisiveness.

Your staff will be so busy being challenged, learning, and laughing they won’t even realize they are being trained to become much more efficient versions of themselves.

In pressurised environments, decisions are made better by minds moulded with poetry.

Elevate your People

Connect your staff. Upgrade their critical thinking abilities, and their resistance to cognitive bias. Exponentially expand their frames of reference.Transform their ability to learn, collate & analyse new and even contradictory information.

Modernise their Minds

Creating learning capability through poetry. Anita's enhanced learning environment, creates the complex interconnected neural structures, which can hold vastly increased stores of knowledge, and use lessons learned in other fields to give nuance and counter bias in critical-thinking.

Change your employees' information processing capabilities, from this...

To this..

Complex tasks create complex minds...

Anita Govan 2017 | anitagovan@gmail.com | Produced by Patricia Muñoz and John Shepherd 

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