The Gift of a Poem

I discovered poetry at 10. This was an unexpected turn of events at the time, as I was struggling at school and could not read or write. Little did I know then. How much a poem can change a life.

But like the poet, I knew ALL about the tyranny of 'English', I experienced it every day of my life at school.

I'm still as passionate about poetry and its gifts, now as I was back then. I believe that poetry in ALL its forms can transform lives. I see it in my workshops sessions all the time and I know because it transformed mine.


Poetry has many gifts vital and practical to help us negotiate the complexities of life. The poem I was given at 10 was 'Scots Wha Hae' by Robert Burns. I was severely dyslexic. and the poetry was gifted to me by my mother and teacher ...  But that gift...has lasted a lifetime.

Find out more about the magical properties of poetry and some of the science. Alongside the amazing stories, I have to tell   


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Learning with poetry young or old is all about the interaction between language, sense, and experience. Combined with rhythm, lyricism, and rhyme. This means that neurons become stronger, more permanent, more interconnected.


It is this connection which is one of poetry's biggest gifts.

Poetry allows us to connect and explore the self and to grow and change, to see the world anew. It allows us to connects with others and the past and present, stepping into our future. It is my mission as a teaching artist, to gift you with its power and help you on this journey

The Science of Poetry