Seeing is not always believing

Like it or not, your staff can take critical decisions with the same care and attention with which they would make a selection from a vending machine.

Comparing decisions made by less-complex neural structure to those made by a fully-functioned brain, interconnected and structured through poetry is like comparing the food received from a vending machine to a meal prepared in a fine restaurant kitchen.

Cognitive Bias

Expectation can sway observation...

Reality does not always match the narrative expected by the observer. Those prone to cognitive bias may be so embedded in their routine, they can find it impossible to change their habitual response. Even in the face of potentially catastrophic events, the confused unconscious brain will choose to ignore the contradictory information.

This can impact on employers in subtle ways, can be intrusive, lead to dysfunctional systems, loss of flexibility, missed opportunities, unhappy staff and dissatisfied customers.

The accumulated effect of habituated behaviour has the potential to cause catastrophic outcomes for entire businesses.

Anita's techniques increase and strengthen neural interconnections, increase frames of reference, making the mind resistant to bias; observant, flexible and responsive in all circumstances.


How can young employees cope with failure when they have never been exposed to it? As elite, successful students they would likely succeed at most things, but when failure has been removed from the curriculum, how will they respond when they fail, or make mistakes, or even reprimanded?

All poetry begins in failure, but through a process of persistence and application, can be made as near to perfect as possible. Creating poetry successfully teaches the value of failure, and resilience in the face of deterrence, as a necessary stepping stone to success.


  • Do your staff speak up in meetings?

  • Do they challenge erroneous information?

  • Are they confident in their own abilities? 

  • Can they work unsupervised?


Creativity is a phenomenon whereby  something new and valuable is formed. 

  • Do your staff get stuck in a rut?

  • Do they take the same decision, again and again?

  • Is it because they can't think of anything different, or better?

“By creating new ways of thinking about words, you create the ability to think in new ways about everything”

Anita Govan 2017 | | Produced by Patricia Muñoz and John Shepherd 

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